8th Grade Mission Trip

Red Bird Mission Trip
By Drue Chrisman and Quinton Duquette

The Red Bird Mission Trip will be a great experience for all the8th graders. Red Bird started in the Appalachian Mountains
 in 1921. Some of the services we will be doing include painting, craftwork, recycling, building house additions, and many other fun tasks. These projects will help people in a community less fortunate than us. This will be a trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Help support the Red Bird Mission!!!
By Anthony Mapes

This year, the 8th Grade won’t be spending a weekend in New York.  Instead, they will be helping others by spending an entire week at the Red Bird Mission.  There, they will be performing all kinds of service.

You Can Help!!!
Below is a list of all kinds of needed supplies.  If you can help in any way at all, bring your items to the “Bowl for our School” event on November 5.  If you can’t be at the bowling event, please contact Eileen Keller at weisenbace1@nku.edu or Michelle Farmer at farmerlaw@aol.com.

Red Bird Mission Needs List

Education Supplies

3- ring binders
Scotch tape
Flash cards (3”x5”)
Staplers & staples
Mechanical pencils
Transparency sheets
White copy paper
Color copy paper
¼” grid graph paper
T.I. model 83 scientific          calculators
Basic calculators

Nurses Station

Children’s Tylenol®
Medical tape
Clorox® wipes
Ice packs

Family Living

Sewing machines and supplies
Cooking equipment

Art Department

Paper towels
Tempera paints
Artist drawing pencils
Bulletin board paper
Technical Cartridge     Pens (India & Black ink)
Large water colors
#12 paint brushes
Glitter glue

Science and Technology
Ink Cartridges:  BC- 05, HP 21, HP 22, HP56, HP57, EPSON STYLUS 400

CD-R discs
DVD-R discs
USB flash drives

Community Outreach

Full- size flat sheets, twin &   queen sets
Large cookware & utensils
New infant/ child car seats
Household cleaning & hygiene           supplies
Laundry Detergent
Diapers/ pull-ups (any size)
Baby wipes
Depend® & Ensure®
Vacuum cleaner
Power sprayer
Bibles (large print/ teen/          children’s)
Farming/ gardening supplies
Cotton material for quilting
Hand quilting and tacking      thread
Infant/ child furniture
Colored pencils/ markers
Craft supplies w/ lesson plans
Non- latex gloves
Baby formula- Carnation®      Good Start
Beef stew
Peanut butter
Commercial shampooer
Mesh backpacks
2 GB jump drives
Prenatal & children’s vitamins
White copy paper

Early Childhood Development

Age- appropriate toys             (no batteries    required)
Wooden puzzles (no   cartoon            characters or    vehicle             images) Ziploc® bags
Washable, liquid         tempera paint
Finger paint & finger paint paper
Underwear (boys/girls             3-6 years old)
Blunt scissors
Masking tape
Color paper
Googly eyes
Tissue paper
Pipe cleaners