Extra Curricular Activities

National Junior Honor Society
By Madeline Bowell and Mallory Crosby

Every year around Christmas, middle school students can apply for the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). It’s a great way to help the community and grow closer to God. Each student will have to fill out an application and be able to meet the criteria below.
  • A cumulative GPA of 90% in all academic subjects
  • No individual subject grade below a C average (76%)
  • No more than five unexcused absences or tardies during the school year

Leadership/Service (combination of any two plus *starred item)
  • Member of Service Club OR Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth Group, etc.
  • Participation in group service projects
  • Participates in volunteer work on a regular basis
  • *Meets all service hour requirements set by the school

  • Observes instructions and rules
  • Shows good sportsmanship on the playground, in PE class, on athletic teams
  • Has no more than a total of twenty-seven conduct points
  • No more than twelve conduct points may come from infractions three points or greater

  • Participates respectfully in the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Participates in service projects such as sending postcards and care packages to soldiers
  • Takes an active part in civil or government letter writing campaigns when appropriate

Once a month, NJHS members volunteer at Washington United Church of Christ (Camp Washington) located on Sydney Avenue in Cincinnati. Camp Washington is not required, but members will have to do another service project outside of the religion class service hours. They help tutor and feed underprivileged kids and adults.  For more information you can visit the website at http://www.washingtonucc.org/OurMinistries/VolunteerOpportunities/tabid/49045/Default.aspx

     Once you’re in NJHS, you start helping the community around you and also in parts of Cincinnati. We go tutor kids and work at a soup kitchen for people who need help with their daily lives like getting food on a regular basis. We go to Washington United Church of Christ once a month on Tuesdays. There are several groups of people who take turns going each month so we have an equal amount of time with the kids. We are looking for other places to volunteer so we can do more work for our society. We are looking forward to a new year of service.