Have you gotten your Kroger card yet?
 No? Here’s how!
All you have to do is send $5 in an envelope with “Kroger Card” written on the front, in with your child. Your child will receive a Kroger card with a starting balance of $5. Every time you go to Kroger, you can re-load the card with any dollar amount up to $500 ($250 max. in some stores). Four percent of every purchase goes to our school. In the months of December and January, that four percent benefits the 8th grade mission trip. In the past, we were earning $1,000 a month, but now we’re receiving about half that much. We would love to bring our total up to at least $2,000.
Don’t Forget!
Re-loading will always be a separate transaction from your purchases. Your card must be re-loaded prior to making your purchases, either at the customer service desk or in the check-out lane.
Happy Shopping,
Your Eighth Grade Class